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Dave and Alison, Dave Edward Photography, South Wales

As a family portrait photographer, Dave has a career that spans for over 30 years which has included indoor and outdoor shoots, weddings and events, headshots, babies and pets.

Starting at Parasol photography in 1990, he then moved on to spend the last 22 years in his own studio Dave Williams Photography in the middle of Chester with business partner Suzy.

Welsh born Dave is a very down to earth person and his work speaks for itself, people are drawn to his sense of humour and happy disposition as well as his ability to bring the best out in them on photo day.

Dave's work has won rave reviews over and over and he has numerous repeat customers that are willing to travel long distances to have a wonderful memory captured.

Dave has now moved to South Wales (but still travelling all over the U.K to do shoots) with his life and new business partner Alison (that would be me), where we have opened Dave Edward Photography. I am proud to be bringing a love of photography, many years of business knowledge, a happy smile and my Australian sense of humour.

Alison in the forest
wedding photographer
Dave in the forest

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