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Love and tumbles!

Nobody was expecting someone to do an acrobatic display just as the bride was about to walk down the aisle, but a bit more about that later.

Well I don't know about Dave but I nearly needed my fingers in splints after this wedding, Rebecca and Cody were so loved up we just couldn't stop taking photos of them.

With Rebecca living in Neath and Cody in Texas they met online and knew they were meant for each other, it just goes to show that the world is only as big as you want it to be.

A lovely stroll through the main streets of Neath for the bride, groom and entire bridal party of 13 to a nearby park for photos had the locals stopping to congratulate and enjoy the procession.

A january wedding you might think is a bit risky weather wise, but what a beautiful day it was, the winter wind was still and not a shiver in sight and Cody didn't even trip over his own shoelace.

It's always exciting to photograph a couple that show the love and this couple win the "Can't take my eyes off of you" award, you could see the chemistry as they constantly laughed and held hands. This is the sort of wedding where you have to constantly remind yourself that you are there to take photos not to get all gooey and wipe tears out of your own eyes.

I know you are waiting to hear about the acrobatic display......... There was a lady who had wandered upstairs to see the bride, we thought she was a friend come to wish her well. The bridal party then came down the many levels of wrap around stairs and waited to enter the ceremony room, I was at the bottom of the stairs taking photos when there was a loud thudding noise, we all turned to see said lady falling down the upper stairs, she then finished off with a roll and a backwards, face up decent down the last set like something out of a slapsitck movie. Seeing that onlookers all with open mouths in disbelief were approaching her to see if she was ok, she jumped up and announced "I meant to do that"! It was then that everyone realised that absolutely nobody knew who she was and that she had come from the front bar where she had spent quite a bit of time that morning. (i'm pretty sure she didn't feel a thing and was not harmed in any way).

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