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No flies on me!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Well there actually were when we were on a camping trip in Australia recently. Being Australian myself I soon had the Australian salute happening, but flies to this extreme was a new thing for Dave and anyone who knows how much he likes his food can understand why he was not happy about sharing.

This was a dream holiday for Dave who is also a wildlife photographer and a lover of everything that crawls and slithers, it was also an opportunity for him to meet my daughters.

Dave also had the pleasure of meeting all my closest friends, they all loved his accent of course (what accent? He says) he gave us all a laugh trying to pronounce name places as we drove around seeing the sights, words like Eumundi, Cooroy and Diddillibah, well after a year of me mispronouncing everything Welsh, it was his turn.

We love our job so much we soon had ourselves photographing a wedding on the Gold Coast, it was a warm summer afternoon, in a little white chapel on the waterfront with an esky full of beers for after the ceremony. You could clearly see the love Gina and David had for each other.

But why stop at one photo shoot?

Shelley and Beth were the perfect models for this Brisbane City engagement shoot, they were crazy in love, well crazy at everything really, there was so much laughter we forgot we were working. They begged us to stay and take their wedding photos but we compromised by asking them to come visit us in Wales for a shoot one day.

If we had to choose our favourite part of the holiday, would it be this cute Koala in a local park Dave saw while looking for snakes, or taking a 1000km road trip because I bought Crowded house tickets near Sydney instead of Brisbane (oops). Maybe it was me giving a gentle tug to the tail of a 3 foot wild Goanna to show Dave how I really did live in the bush, or maybe up to our waist in the ocean at Bargara when a huge crowd of people shouted for us to get out while pointing to a fin not too far away (yes it was).

But the food!....well it's a good job only our baggage was weighed on the way back.

I think the best part for me was seeing my daughters and the country I grew up in through Dave's eyes and for Dave? I already know what he will say......ALL OF IT!

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know, "No flies on me" means, quick, sharp and straight to the point................Alison x

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