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Why do you need 2 photographers?

Wedding photographer
Why choose us?

Lets face it!

Your photographs are probably going to be the longest lasting memories of your day, with 2 of us you can have a photographer in different places at the same time. 

Bride and groom prep, front and back of the ceremony, both sides of the dance floor, one shooting from up high and one from down low, the possibilities are endless and we are so in tune with each other we can make sure your wedding is photographed from every angle.

Candid photos are the most natural way to relive your day as it really happened, without you knowing we will be constantly looking for those special moments that make your day unique, the love, joy, tears and laughter and even the little mishaps.

You will receive more photos, more memories and most importantly your day will be captured through the perspective of both a male and female view.

We love weddings!

  • Even after many years of photographing weddings we still love them, we will completely immerse ourselves in your wedding, before, during and after, every wedding is special, every couple is special.   We are always available to chat anytime before your day, we want you to feel comfortable with us, after all, we could be with you for a lot of the day.

  • we pay attention to detail and listen to your needs, as well as offering  you a versatile approach to your photographs, some like the day to be documented naturally and others like to have an abundance of posed shots, we want to do it your way. 

  • Not only are we punctual we will usually be early, this gives us a chance to connect with your guests making them feel happy to be photographed, we are also never in a hurry to leave especially if there is music and you might spot us having a dance ourselves while taking photos of you and your guests on the dance floor

  • We will not take over your day but blend into it, we want to make sure both of you and your guests are photographed naturally enjoying yourselves.

  • Keeping up with editing technology and processes is important to us, we are always excited to present the fully edited photographs to our clients as this is the icing on the cake.  While aiming to give you natural looking photographs, we also like to spend time making sure they are as amazing as you hope they will be. 

Wedding photographer
Wedding photographers
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Dave Edward Photography

       South Wales, U.K.

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