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Laid back & laughing!

We stood outside the Chester Town Hall waiting for the bride and groom to traditionally arrive in separate cars, when we spotted them walking towards us hand in hand we knew this day was going to be a little different and we were right.

A ceremony full of laughter, love and a few tears was then followed by a walk through the streets of Chester, not only by Lizzie and Chris but all of their wedding guests too. It's always exciting to shoot a street walking, it's more like running for us as we try to keep ahead and boy could this group walk fast.

The walk ended at the river Dee where everyone boarded a river boat for a relaxing 2 hour cruise, I was lucky enough to be on the boat while (poor) Dave had to drive the car to the last stop which was the lovely Eccleston village hall tucked away in a beautiful part of the countryside. Outside games in the garden, and a photo shoot by the river was followed by absolutely delicious food which we were very grateful to also be having.

A heart moving speech from the father of the bride also let slip that Lizzie did not like spending money on unnecessary things hence 5 home made cakes of different shapes, sizes and flavours baked by friends and family stood proudly on wooden rounds. There was no first dance but instead it was tables pushed aside and straight into a Ceilidh with a live band, young and old joined in and everybody enjoyed some exhaustive fun.

I would have to say that Lizzie and Chris are our most relaxed couple to date and although not used to having their photos taken and being camera shy, the constant laughter and connection that they naturally had made them amazing to photograph.

Lizzie laughed through the day enjoying every minute and Chris was cooler than a cucumber, we feel privileged to have captured their unique relaxing wedding.

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